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Vintage & Classic Car Insurance

In addition to working with individual hobbyists, we also cross paths with die-hard collectors, car club members, and event coordinators. While their common interests are the same, their needs may be very different. To whatever degree you’re involved in the hobby, Vintage Auto Insurance has you covered.

For Our Antique & Classic / Rods & Customs Owners:

We know that our rates seem pretty darned reasonable, but that's because there are a few exclusions that you need to understand - and agree to - in order to participate in our program:

Eligibility Requirements**

  • The vehicle is not to be used for racing, speed tests, or off-road use.
  • All operators must have a valid "G" license.
  • The vehicle is not to be used for regular transportation (i.e. taken to work, driven to shopping malls or box stores etc.) Exceptions are made for car shows, cruise nights, and other vintage car related events.
  • Vehicles containing a Nitrous Oxide System or other jet-fuel based system are strictly prohibited.

** Additional conditions may apply

Once you agree that our terms are acceptable (and honestly, WOULD you want to park your ride at one of the big box store lots?), we are pleased to confirm that the following coverages are included:

  • Agreed Value Coverage (OPCF 19A)
  • First Right of Refusal on Salvage
  • Spare Parts Coverage
  • $2,000,000 Liability
  • Accident Benefits
  • Collision and Comprehensive
  • Family Protection

For Our Customers Involved in Car Shows & Events:

If you're organizing a car show or a road trip for other car enthusiasts, you are entering an arena that demands extra coverage for your own personal liability and that of your club.

In a scenario where a member of your Car Club (or anyone attending a Car Club function such as a rally, show, etc) has an accident or gets hurt in any capacity, you take the risk that almost anyone associated with the event can be sued; this includes Directors, Executive Members, and your Membership at large. It is important to recognize that even if your Club is not an Official Club, it's still considered an organized group holding organized events – and can still be held liable.

  • What if one of the volunteers hanging banners in the parking lot falls off a ladder? You can be held responsible.
  • What if a young child slices his/her hand on a show car's mirror? Despite the "NO TOUCH CARD" on display, you can be held liable.
  • It's an unfortunate reality that frivolous lawsuits are commonplace. Remember, insurance will protect your legal expenses even if the lawsuit was unsuccessful.

Don't take a chance. Get your insurance in place now.

Director's and Officers Policy

Your Club should consider the purchase of a Directors & Officers Liability insurance policy to protect Directors, Officers, Employees and Volunteers from lawsuits for negligible acts.

As a Director or Officer, you can be held personally responsible for the decisions of your organization – even if you were not directly involved in the decision-making process. Furthermore, most personal liability insurance policies will not cover you in a volunteer position.

Examples of Directors and Officers Claims:

Harassment (sexual, racial)

  • The vintage automobile hobby is predominantly a male-oriented one. What if a female enthusiast claimed that she felt unwelcome?

Wrongful Dismissal

  • Let's say that your Club organizes an event without the knowledge of a particular member. What if that member claims that he historically performs a service or organizes a key element, and now his reputation has been damaged because he was not part of the event?

Misappropriation of Funds

  • What if the treasurer suddenly decides to spend all of the Club's dues/savings and the Club cannot meet its financial obligations? What if other Club Members claim that their reputations have been damaged by the Club's inability to pay its creditors?

Other Decisions

  • What if a Club Member organizes a rally route and there is an accident? The individual in the accident could easily claim that the route was unsafe or improperly marked.
  • What if the Club participates in a parade and one of the vehicles startles a horse, which in turn runs wildly through the crowd? Should the Club ought to have known that a car could have frightened a horse?
  • What if an attendee gets food poisoning from a vendor at your show? Should the Club have done more to ensure safe protocol with respect to food handling?
  • You are likely a very responsible member of your Club. Unfortunately, the answers to the questions above may be answered in a court of law. It is essential to remember that frivolous lawsuits are commonplace. Insurance will protect your legal expenses regardless of the court's findings.

And for Those of You Who Have Found Kinship with Other Car Owners, This Section Is for Our Car Clubs & Members:

Club General Liability

General Liability ensures the premises and operations of the Club are protected. This coverage goes hand-in-hand with the Directors and Officers coverage to ensure the protection of both the Club and its Members.

General Liability is similar to Car Show Insurance, however, it will cover the activities of the Club throughout the year.

  • What if one of your fellow road-trippers drops a lit cigarette and the meeting room catches fire? General Liability (GL Insurance) will cover this.
  • What if the guest speaker at Club Night slips on the ice while attending a winter meeting?
  • What if the Club wants to hold a fundraiser at the local mall and a certificate of insurance is required?

Liability Insurance is extremely reasonable and often costs just a few dollars per member to acquire the proper coverage to protect the Club and everyone involved with it.

A hobby should be a release from the World – not a source of potential financial hardship. Call us to find out how we can ease your mind and free up more of your time and energy for the things that matter the most!