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"Customer Service" doesn't mean just handing you your renewal with a smile. To us, customer service means sharing our knowledge about the vehicles we love and the hobby that we're passionate about. And if you have other insurance needs, we'd be more than happy to connect you to our Parent Company, Reeds Insurance, where we can also take care of your Home, Condo, Regular Auto, Cottage, Motorcycle, Farm, Life or Commercial Policies. Whew! At VINTAGE, all we focus on is your Classic Car – and that attention to detail is what sets us apart.

Sales Department:

Gorrill, Brian R.I.B.O.:
Account Executive | Email Brian
Charlotte Molnar C.A.I.B., R.I.B.O.:
Account Executive | Email Charlotte
McCauley, Lisa C.A.I.B, R.I.B.O.:
Portfolio Manager | Email Lisa
Wilson, Jason R.I.B.O.:

Portfolio Managers:

Kennedy, Ruth R.I.B.O.:
Portfolio Manager | Email Ruth
Burke, Dianna R.I.B.O.:
Portfolio Manager | Email Diana
Ironside, Amy-Sue R.I.B.O.:
Portfolio Manager | Email Amy-Sue
Murray, Julie C.I.P., R.I.B.O.:
Portfolio Manager / Office Manager | Email Julie
Scott, Jan R.I.B.O.:
Portfolio Manager | Email Jan
Stevenson, Terri R.I.B.O.:
Portfolio Manager | Email Terri


Brunke, Sarah R.I.B.O.:
Quality Control Designate | Email Sarah
Genge, Vivian:
Financial Analyst | Email Vivian
Kittle, Joanna:
Commercial Support | Email Joanna
Kraemer, Connie R.I.B.O.:
Processing | Email Connie
Piel-Tomczak, Heidi :
Receptionist | Email Heidi
Verlint, Chris:
Receptionist | Email Chris
Woodcock, April:
Processing | Email April
Reeds, Amy B.Sc. (Econ), R.I.B.O.:
Vice President, Financial Operations | Email Amy
Reeds, Brian C.A.I.B., R.I.B.O:
President | Email Brian

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