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Take a trip back in time with us to discover the contributions that the month of June has made to automotive lore!


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June 4, 1895 - First Pneumatic Car Tire Invented:


Michelin introduces the fire pneumatic car tire made of reinforced rubber and filled with compressed air. The Michelin brothers Andre and Edward put pneumatic tires on car and drove it in the 1895 Paris-Bordeaux road race. Altough they did not win the race, they did win attention and Michelin became the leading tire producer in Europe.



June 4, 1910 - First Four Wheel Brake System Implemented:


The Scottish made Argyll is the first automobile fitted for four wheel brakes. The front brakes are operated by a foot pedal, while the back brakes are controlled by a hand lever.






June 4, 1938 - First Diesel Passenger Car Introduced:


Mercedes-Benz introduces the 260-D, which had a four-cylinder engine and a power output of 45 bhp. It was also the first diesel passenger car. By 1939, there was a fifteen month waiting list for the car.




June 4, 1938 - The Beetle is Introduced:


Volkswagen starts producing the famous Beetle car in Germany. Although it was developed during one of the darkest periods in history, it emerged unscathed and has continued on to be the lovable Bug we all know today.




June 19, 1974 - First Airbag Installed:


The first air bag was fitted to GM cars Pontiac, Oldsmobile, and Cadillac signaling the industry's new found commitment to customer safety. The Sedan DeVille offered the first factory installed air bag systems. The option was not met with popularity and only lasted 2 years at that time. 



June 25, 1956 - The End Of Packard:


Classic American luxury car manufacturer Packard's last car rolls off the line in Detroit, Michigan. Though Packard continued to manufacture cars in South Bend Indiana until 1958, the final model produced on June 25, 1956 is considered the last true Packard.




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