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Take a trip back in time with us to discover the contributions that the month of May has made to automotive lore!


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May 2, 1918 - Chevrolet Purchased:


On this day the General Motors Corporation (which would become the world's largest automotive firm), acquired Chevrolet Motor Company.



May 27, 1927 - Model T Put Out To Pasture:


On this day, the last Model T Ford was built. After a production run that began in 1908 and produced a whopping record of 15,007,033 cars, the last one rolled out the factory to make way for production of the Model A.






May 6, 1928 - DeSoto Introduced:


The DeSoto was introduced as the Chrysler Corporation's new vehicle brand. with a price point of $845, Walter P. Chrysler felt that he had closed a marketing gap between Dodge and Chrysler. The Detroit Free Press was quoted as saying "Probably no development of the past five years has created so profound a stir in the automobile industry as the current announcement that the new DeSoto Six, which will be presented to the public in the next three months, is to be built by Chrysler". With little more than this news story to go by, over 500 dealers signed up for franchises! Production for the 1929 model began in July 1928 and the official unveiling was made at the January 1929 New York Automobile Show.




May 31, 1929 - Ford Strikes Landmark Deal With Russia:


After the Ford Motor Company made two exploratory visits to Russia, a landmark agreement is made to produce cars in the Soviet Union. As per the detailed contract, Ford would oversee construction of a production plant in Nizhni Novgorod with the intent to manufacture Model A cars. An article published in the New York Times quoted Ford as saying "No matter where industry prospers, whether in India or China or Russia, all the world is bound to catch some good from it".




May 28, 1937 - VW Founded:


The Government of Germany - then under the control of Adolf Hitler of the National Socialist (Nazi) Party - forms a new state-owned automobile company known as Gesellschaft zur Vortbereitung des Deutshcen Volkswagen mbH. Later that year they named the company simply Volkswagenwerk or "The People's Car Company".



May 13, 1975 - Father Of The Drive-In Passes Away:


Richard Hollingshead passed away on this date. You may be wondering who this is? Richard Hollingshead invented the Drive-In Movie Theatre, the first of which opened on June 6, 1933 in Camden, New Jersey.






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