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Steve Sherriff has a particular passion for the pre-WWII Rolls Royce – and you can see it in the meticulous two-decades long restoration of his stunning 1937 Rolls Royce “25/30” Hooper Sport Saloon.


After acquiring the Rolls in 1992, Steve has been chasing the perfect point car ever since….and he’s getting remarkably close. The car has the complete tool kit, a very rare thing to find.  It took Steve more than 4 years to collect 44 pieces, many of which came from all over Europe & North America.


When asked what it is about the Rolls Royce that speaks to him, Steve’s answer is simple:  “I love the ride. The car handles beautifully, the brakes are amazing; it’s truly ahead of its time”. Steve’s passion for completing his Rolls to near-perfection has caught the eyes of judges as well….his accolades are many:


  • 2006 – At the 55th Annual Rolls Royce Owners Club (RROC) show, the car scored 965 points out of a possible 1000.
  • 2008 – Won its class at the Willistead Concours d’Elegance in Windsor, Ontario.
  • 2010 – Won a Senior Class Award and a Best in Show of Previous Pre-War Concours Winners, as well as a Hooper Special Coachwork Award at the 59th Annual RROC meet held in Markham, Ontario. (The Hooper Coachwork award was repeated in 2012)
  • 2012 – Judged to be 99 points at the Gilmore Museum Classic Car Club of America (CCCA) event at Hickery Corners, Michigan
  • 2012 – Won Best in Class at the CCCA Museum Experience Concours, in Hickery Corners, Michigan
  • 2013 -  Won the Palmetto Award at Hilton Head


Steve’s penchant for over-achievement meant that scoring 965 / 1000 points wasn’t enough.  Since 2006, his Rolls Royce has seen approximately 120 small restorations as he continues to chase the dream of the perfect point Rolls Royce.


The car is still powered by its original 3699 cc, inline 6-cylinder “numbers matching” motor. Featuring exceptional Ebony woodwork and an extremely rare “Razor Edge” body, Steve’s Rolls Royce is documented to be 1 of only 3 “Razor Edge” Sport Saloon bodies ever produced by Hooper.


With all of this said, a most interesting part of this car’s story lies in conjecture that most likely can never be confirmed. When King George VI was crowned on May 12, 1937, his Coronation procession passed right by the Hooper Coachbuilder’s shop. It is believed that because the vehicle was finished approximately 1 week prior to the Coronation and was painted in Coronation colours, Steve’s Rolls Royce is all but confirmed as a King George Coronation Rolls Royce. With the lack of records available from that time period, however, the old adage “if it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck” might be as close as Steve ever comes to connecting those dots.


No matter what you believe, there’s no denying that Steve’s got a great example of a late 30’s Rolls Royce and a love of preservation to match all of the accolades collected so far. Keep up the great work Steve – we can’t imagine improving upon a vehicle that is already so near perfection!

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