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Take a trip back in time with us to discover the contributions that the month of July has made to automotive lore!


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July 30, 1863 - Henry Ford Born:


Henry Ford (1863-1947) developed an assembly-line production system and introduced a $5/day wage for automotive workers. He once famously said, "History is bunk."

July 22, 1894 - Pioneers of the Road:


Nearly two-dozen 19th-century gearheads jumped behind the controls of early steam and gas-powered cars as part of the “Le Petit Journal Competition for Horseless Carriages.” More exhibition than race, the 79-mile jaunt from Paris to Rouen was designed to test the reliability, safety, and ease-of-use of early automobiles. The first vehicle rolled across the finish line after several hours, at a plodding average speed of just 12 miles per hour.  Racing enthusiasts agree that this journey was the humble beginnings of the sport.

July 3, 1909 - Hudson Production Begins:


With funding from Detroit department store magnate Joseph Hudson, and the guidance of industry veterans Roy Chapin and Howard Coffin, Hudson began production with the Model 20.

July 29, 1909 - Buick Acquires Cadillac:


Buick motor Company acquires Cadillac on behalf of GM for $4.5 million.

July 24, 1910 - A.L.F.A. Founded:


A.L.F.A. (Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili) is founded in Milan, Italy. The company would later become Alfa Romeo.

July 7, 1928 - Plymouth Debuts


The Plymouth brand debuted at the Chicago Coliseum on this day with famed aviatrix Amelia Earhart behind the wheel.












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