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Take a trip back in time to discover the contributions that the month of September has made to automotive lore!


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September 1925 - Coast to Coast:


The Ford Motor Company, in its efforts to promote the concept of a Trans-Canada Highway, decided to attempt a cross-country journey by automobile. It took 40 days by Model T to travel from Halifax to Vancouver.

September 03, 1875 - Porsche Is Born:


Ferdinand Porsche, engineer & patriarch of the Porsche brand was born this day in Mafferdorf, Austria.

September 13, 1899 - First Recorded Automotive Fatality:


The first recorded fatality from an automobile accident occurred on this day, after an oncoming vehicle fatally struck Henry Bliss on the streets of New York.

September 16, 1903 - Royce Tests First Gas Engine:


Frederick Henry Royce, of Rolls-Royce Ltd., successfully tested his first gasoline engine.

September 15, 1909 - Ford Sues Selden:


Many enthusiasts are unfamiliar with George Selden. His name is often lost, as are many others, when tossed into the bucket with some of the larger and more prominent names within the industry. For approximately 20 years, George Selden reigned as the "father of the automobile" - His name was engraved on every car from 1895 to 1911 (world-wide unconfirmed). He held a patent on the "Road Engine" which, at this point in automotive history, effectively meant he had a patent on the automobile itself - a claim that went untested for years.


Henry Ford was the only manufacturer willing to challenge Selden in court, and on this day a New York judge ruled that Ford had indeed infringed on Selden's patent. This decision was later overturned when it became clear that Selden had no intention of actually manufacturing his "Road Engine". As a matter of fact, Selden's own "Road Engine" prototype, built in the hopes of bolstering his case, only managed to stagger along for a few hours before breaking down.

September 02, 1959 - Ford Introduces the Falcon


The Ford Motor Company introduced its new Ford Falcon via a nationwide closed-circuit television news conference.


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